Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas is Near

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

We hope each of you are doing well and are enjoying this time of year. Christmas is always a great time to see friends and family. We wish we could be with all of you. There is an excitement around the church here as Christmas approaches. People are getting excited about seeing family and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Ashley has been busy doing many of your holiday card orders, and for those of you that still need Christmas cards don't be afraid to ask (she can get them out fast). The kids are doing great and are such a blast. True has learned a few new tricks like how to sweep the floor and how to talk on the phone. Life is busy but couldn't be better.

As a church we are in the middle of a sermon series on worship and it very appropriate for this time of year. Many of us worship so many things other than Christ and it is an appropriate time of the year for us to focus on Him alone. Many street youth have been visiting lately because this time of year is a difficult time for them. Many have memories of family Christmas traditions; however, the memories become sour because they know there is no opportunity this year to celebrate with their family. We try as best we can to be the family they need during the holidays.

Things to Pray For

1. Typically Christmas time brings a lot of visitors to church. Pray that those who come will be touched by God in a powerful way and choose to follow Christ.
2. Pray for the street kids during this time; pray that God would be the father they need. Further, pray that we would be a place of comfort and healing during this time.
3. Pray for the staff of the church as many are traveling home to see loved ones.
4. Pray for the leaders of the church to have discernment on what we need to do in 2008. We are currently in planning meetings for next year.

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