Tuesday, October 13, 2009

we're ALIVE!

We are alive!!  Jason has started his first semester as a law student.  He took a couple classes this summer to gear up for his full load this Fall and he is, of course, loving it.  He has had quite a few interesting experiences so far.  He got grilled for 50 minutes straight the first day of his torts class.  50 minutes.  I would cry.  Then realize that wasn't for me.  But nooooo, Jason loved it.

We love life here.  Seriously.  We have made many wonderful friends, we have a thriving lifegroup and that is really and truly life-giving.  Believe me, we have led our share of deathgroups.  That's saying nothing about the people in them, rather it's more of a reflection of the leaders most likely.  :)  However, here is another story.  We have about 40 people in our lifegroup and we just multiplied a couple of weeks ago!  We are in need of another multiplication soon but are just waiting on God's timing!  We meet in our house and I LOVE IT!  Recently, one of my good friends, Brooke moved in with us for the year.  It's been so much fun already and the kids adore her.  They call her "Bwook-ee"  and it's beginning to catch on.  The training school is going to be jam-packed this year with 28 students!  I am STOKED!  It begins September 11th.  I am doing the administration for the school and going to have the opportunity to sit in on the classes on Monday nights.  I think I am just as, if not more, excited this time around as I was my ATS year!  I love sitting under the awesome teachers that are coming our direction very soon!

What else?  Some interesting things are...our house backs up to a huge open field full of cows and horses and rodents and SNAKES!  EEEEEK!  I have spotted quite a number of snakes and let me tell you...I am quoting every verse I know about fear just to exit my back door again.  I. hate. snakes.  Anyway, that's not why I started this story.  The funny thing is how different life is here.  I wake up to cow's mooing instead of people yelling or angry horns honking.  However, I miss the beauty that is Portland in the Fall.  Man, oh man, we had this tree on the corner of our street that would turn a deep, rich red and then a neon yellow.  It was insane and gorgeous and such a beautiful sight in the midst of hard times there.  We deeply miss our friends there of course but had the awesome opportunity to catch up with them in Orlando, FL of all places recently for AMI's U.S. church planting conference.  I got to go to Disney World for the first time in my life.  I know, deprived childhood.  It was great, but next time I'll definitely take the kiddos!  They will LOVE IT!

The kids are growing so fast.  I mean SO fast.  Selah is almost two.  WHAT!?  True is talking more and more.  The grace of God has been so evident.  We recently got a report back from the doctor that he has 100% hearing, which is a vast difference from our last report in Portland being at 40%.  So we believe God healed him!  I recently got back from Peru about a month ago.  We (our church) was able to take 12 college students/young adults to Peru.  For many of them it was their first time out of the country and was incredibly eye-opening.  God opened up awesome opportunities for us to share the Gospel and we saw 300 salvations!!!  Incredible.  We also saw blind people see, deaf people hear, arches in people's feet that WERE NOT THERE before!  It was insane.  AND it was biblical.  The book of ACTS alive!  It was awesome and of course, refreshing.  God is always refreshing.  I love being out of the country.  I come completely and totally alive.  I was made for it.  We also got to do a little sightseeing and visited Maccu Picchu.  One word: incredible!

This past weekend our dearest friends came down for a brief time.  Our kids love getting to hang out and we also got to see our friends from Spain!  I'm so mad though because I didn't take ONE picture.  UGH!  I thought I was a scrapbooker, but no...I was so excited, all clarity of thought went out the window!  Anyways, we did get a few snaps of us with the Bucks and then just yesterday the Siehs came in down for an hour or so.  It was such a great time getting to catch up with them and what all is going on in their lives!  I'm so thankful for lasting friendships.  Even Jason said last night, "We live awesome lives."  We do!  We love our jobs, our schooling, our kids, our home, our church family..."The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." (Psalm 16:6)

On another note, I am still getting to pursue my digital scrapbook designing on the side.  I am selling at two stores (Zig Zag Scraps & twolittlepixels).  I'm so thankful to continue to have this creative outlet.

Oh gosh.  OU fever or rash or something has happened to this town.  Game day has made people turn into little red robotic monsters.  People are decorating their lawns with not one, not two, but MULTIPLE OU flags.  Like people would be confused or something with just one?!  Anyways, I'll keep trying to post more regularly.  For now, enjoy the new pics!


playing on the playground, Selah being a cutie and some sidewalk chalk QT with daddy.

someone shaved Zeik :)  He looks like a blonde rat now.  Selah loves to sit on True's lap.  He doesn't seem to mind
Jason getting into the Game Day spirit and our neighbor's house.


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