Saturday, August 25, 2007

Off To LA

Hello friends and family! We hope things are going well for you. We pray for you all constantly as we know you do for us as well. Some fun things have happened over the past couple of weeks that we wanted you all to know and be a part of. Ashley is getting very close to blast off, only five weeks out. We are so excited to have a little girl. Speaking of our children True has recently decided that he is going to walk everywhere instead of crawl. He is growing in confidence and biting the dust less and less. True is excited about enjoying his first football season and has already been wearing his Chiefs jersey. As for what's been going on; the church is growing and we are learning and growing with it. We are heading down to LA next Tuesday to work with a new church down there. We're really excited to have the chance to share Jesus on UCLA campus and not only that, but also to gather people for their upcoming first service. Ashley has been working on her card business and doing a fantastic job. She really is talented. Please pray for our family mission trip that we would see God move in powerful ways and that we would continue to learn what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for being such an amazing support to us.
Love the Kennedys


  1. hey reading your updates! i cant believe baby Selah is almost here! that is so exciting! can't wait to see pictures of her! hope your trip to LA goes great! sounds like y'all have been busy these days. ashley, so fun that you are making cards...i'm sure they are cute as ever. you should post some on your blog to check out! have a great day and look forward to more updates and pic!

  2. Hi Kennedy Family!! I just found your blog through another friend's. How gorgeous to see pictures of True. I'm so glad to hear things are going well at the Portland church plant. We remember you in our prayers.
    We recently moved to Denver for Justin's medical residency and are loving the change in climate (from Houston)!
    Here's our blog: God bless you guys and congrats on the upcoming addition to your family.
    Emily (Mann) Smith

  3. Almost time for Selah to arrive. I am sooo looking forward to seeing and meeting her. I miss you guys. Love you bunches!!!!!

  4. so...i'm thinking that baby Selah should be here by now...can't wait to see pics! hope y'all are doing well!

  5. Congratulations!!!! Glad Selah has made her appearance. Bring on the pictures. Love, NANA

  6. YAY! I just read the entry from "Nana" and I guess Selah is HERE! That is so exciting and i hope y'all are doing well. Can't wait to hear stories and see pics! Love ya