Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This week has been an interesting one. We have started a series in a church called "Making Jesus Famous" and the series has really got me thinking about what Jesus is really like and who Jesus really is. For you see it seems that around the world Jesus is already famous, but the problem is that so many have a misconception of who He is and that's why they don't follow Him. I had an amazing conversation over lunch with one of my co-workers the other day. I was able to share the gospel from Genesis to Revelation, just lay it all out there. At the end of the conversation he said to me " You talk about Jesus as if you really know Him as if He were right here". I thought to myself whoever told you that Jesus isn't real and right here. If you think about it pray for my friend he really does want to know Jesus, and a lot less about the religion he is used to. My perspective has changed a little and I think one of the main reasons Jesus has kept us in America to minster to others is to show what knowing Jesus really is like. So this week when you have the chance to share the good news make sure that it's good news!

We love you guys
Jason and Ashley

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  1. There are so many people right here in our own home land who need to know they are loved and that they have access to the father on a very personal basis. "Religion" has left many blinded to who Jesus is and How he works. They have heard the word and now they need to be led to the truth about what they have heard and apply it so others can see that light. You guys are doing a powerful work in a place that needs you very badly to shine the light. Bless you for that and prayers for continued strength and wisdom as you open your hearts and share the good news.We have an awesome God and an incredible responsibility to know him more and share what we know.